Close to the ocean with spacious enclosures and open grounds it provides the visitor with a feeling of peace and tranquility.   With several picnic spots and braai areas located around the park as well as a bar and restaurant serving simple home cooked meals are there to enjoy!

The park is home to several animals from South Africa and beyond including Cheetah, Servals, Lynx, Squirrels, Marmosets, Squirrel Monkeys, Blue and Common Duikers, Bushbok, Grysbok, Meerkats, Wallabies and a Crocodile.

For bird lovers, there are over 250 species of birds indigenous to South Africa and from further afield.  Sit outside our stunning aviary, the largest in the Eastern Cape and listen to the calls of birds such as the Knysna Loerie, the Laughing Dove and the vibrant Red Bishop. Other birds around the park include the majestic Black Eagle, Blue Cranes,  Crowned Cranes, Hornbills, Emu, Lorikeets and Macaws


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